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Bettercrow as the name suggests a crow which is better than other crows? It can fly high at an altitude of 3000 feet while other crows can fly just at 250 feet. They are way more handsome than other crows and also very muscular and they are a black belt champion in martial arts. Basically you are dealing with an alien which came here just to make other crows jealous!
Jokes aside…. maybe you will find these species some day on History TV 18 in their Ancient Aliens series let’s leave these Curious findings with them!!
Although crows are very intelligent species don’t get me wrong….
Crows got self-awareness just Like Human beings and They May Be as Intelligent as one of the mammals known as Gorillas yeah those big dudes!
Some Scientific Researches show that crows have pretty high number of tightly packed neurons that process information which allows them to work out very complex tasks.
Crows can also use their complex brains to find creative solutions, such as dropping nuts on the road so passing cars can crack them open, for example.
(As the study suggested --a 2020 study in Science)
Now you understood Bettercrow….
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