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Dustout - Handheld Duster with Long Extendable Rod.

Dustout - Handheld Duster with Long Extendable Rod.

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Cleaning your home is a tough job! You have a Clean Floor, but dust is still in the air, and it sits on the wall and the unreachable ceiling troubling you and your family!

Maybe you think dust in your house doesn't matter to you until one day you realized that dust allergies are causing respiratory diseases in your home...We will not let this happen to you and your family....

As the doctor's say 'Prevention is better than cure'...

Yes, dust comes on a daily basis in your home, but it can be reduced up to 90% by cleaning your walls and ceiling dust daily but it is very hard to clean every corner of your home if you don't have correct tools to finish the job!

We know you want to protect yourself and your family from all these dust allergies that's why we are introducing to you 'Dustout - handheld duster with a long extendable up to 100 inches rust-free Stainless-steel rod which is very easy and quick to clean your unreachable corners in your home.

  • No More Back aches while standing long hours!
  • No More Dust allergies
  • Easy Dust Cleaning in Minutes
  • Unreachable walls and ceiling dust cleaned.




Product Specification:

Product Name: Dustout - Handheld Duster with Long Extendable Rod.

Package Contains: 1 Item , Handle Material: Stainless Steel,

Color: Colour as per availability

Weight: 200 grams

How to Use?

  • ??Extendable Duster?This duster with extension pole is made of stainless steel, does not rust and has a long live time which can be extended up to 100 inches. You don't need to take a risk to reach the high place, just extend the pole of fan cleaner to clean the dusts easily.
  • ??Comes With A Free Microfiber Glove? This fan duster for ceiling fan comes with a free microfiber glove which would further complement the cleaning of your house.

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